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Our New
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Welcome to Tii Cup, a bubble tea, coffee, and shaved snow!

We offer delicious and authentic bubble tea.  From our signature Golden Milk Tea and Jasmine Milk Tea, to pick-your-own-flavor iced tea and iced milk tea, to the caffeine free Icii and Snow.

We have Biing, the Taiwanese shaved snow, which comes on smooth and velvety, yet fluffy than ice cream.  Come try it for yourself!

We make delicious coffee the right way, and we make them one cup at a time, experience the difference for yourself.

We start with the best quality beans from the finest fields in the world, and it's roasted right here in town.  Freshly roasted beans are grounded when you order, our barista then expertly hand pour-over for an excellent cup of coffee that's packed full of flavor. 

Our coffee and espresso are Fair Trade and Organic, and we work with partners who minimize the carbon foot print.

Authentic, delicious Taiwanese street foods are offered Friday through Sunday at our Brooklyn Park location, stop by to try them all!


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